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Each week, millions of customers in thirteen markets shop at Watsons Your Personal Store. Asia's leading health & beauty chain dates back to 1828, when the Canton Dispensary was first founded as a clinic to provide free medical aid to the poor in Canton, China.

Building on its long-standing reputation for quality and innovation, Watsons Your Personal Store offers more than 25,000 products in over 1,500 outlets. Products range from medicines, cosmetics and toiletries to fashion items, snacks and beverages

Watsons mission is to help people enjoy their life more by making a bigger positive difference to their health, looks and the way they feel. In recent years, the Watsons brand has "reinvented" itself in line with this mission by helping customers to "Having Fun Looking Good, Feeling Great". Apart from creating new bright, contemporary look and feel to its stores, Watsons Your Personal Store also provides unique programmes of personalised advice and counselling in health and beauty as well as bringing in innovative and fun new product ranges.

Watsons' continued success across Asia has established it not only as the top beauty and personal care retailer, but also as a leading pharmacy chain providing health care products and advice to local communities.