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3-In-1 Deo Powder Peppermint Cool 25g

107 reviews

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107 Reviews

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I used this product on my pits for 3 days after showers. For some reason my pits didn't like it after a few hrs my pits would start to smell. My pits were dry but they would still smell. Different story for my feet though. My feet are always dry and would always feel fresh no matter how long I have shoes on. It's just a bit messy to put on since it's in powder form. I wish there was another way to apply the powder without getting them on the floor or other stuff. (Originally posted on
When the first time i used the Rexona Deo powder sobrang nakakafresh specially ung amoy niang mint hindi rin sticky sa feeling at the same time nung ginamit ko siya the whole day sobrang dry and smooth niya sa armpit easy to use pa napapanatili nyang tuyo ung armpit ko and one more thing ginamit ko rin siya sa paa before ako magsuot ng socks and sobrang fresh at walng amoy sobrang love ko na siya i will definitely buy again (Originally posted on
I love this product. The scent was okay and I feel fresh everytime I use it. My underarm feel cool everytime I apply it in my under arm maybe because it is also a peppermint. (Originally posted on
I was not into deodorant powders because my previous experiences with other brands were not satisfactory first of all it's rather messy to apply and secondly I had itchy armpits after a few uses. So I was not enthusiastic to try the new Rexona deodorant powder peppermint cool but of course I had to. So there it goes it was still messy to use or maybe I just don't know how to do it the proper way but what I do is pour a little into my palms and rub them on my armpits. So I had to wash my hands afterwards. The good thing is this is the only deodorant powder which did not irritate my skin. So I tried it to my 6-year old son (his a little smelly because he's fat) and it worked for him also so I can definitely say that this is gentle enough and does it work. I highly recommend it and will definitely purchase again. Good job rexona! (Originally posted on
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