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Brand Story

Love Beauty and Planet started with one goal... To make you more beautiful and give a little love to our planet. We want to help make a little difference towards a happier, less wasteful planet, with every shower. Our approach is a holistic one, encompassing the entire product life cycle and beyond. We’ve given careful thought to our ingredients, product packaging, and social partnerships. We call it our passionate journey of #smallactsoflove, and we’re just getting started. How are we good for you?


♥ We address your hair and skin needs

♥ We use natural ingredients

♥ Our products are designed to be good for you: Vegan, plant-based ingredients, no parabens, no dyes and no silicones How are we good for the planet?

♥ Sustainably sourced ingredients

♥ Using less water with our Fast-rinse technology in our conditioners

♥ Reducing waste through our 100% recycled and recyclable bottles


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