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What hair colour you should have in Spring/Summer 2019

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Get bored with your hair colour and want to change a new look? What hair colours are the new bold statements? Here’s everything you need to know about the hair colour trend in Spring/Summer 2019.

portrait of a young woman with pink colored hair and hoodie at a stormy day

(1) Living Coral

Living coral is Pantone Colour of the Year 2019. Why don’t you try to colour your hair with this bright peachy colour shade? This playful and mood-boosting hair colour can brighten up your skin tone instantly. Living coral works best on blonde or bleached hair. If your natural hair colour is dark, you need to pre-lighten your hair.

Beautiful woman with make-up

(2) Inky Black

Inky black is a bold statement of hair colour in 2019. Jet black is rich with a hue of blue that suits for olive and darker skin tones the best. This shade will give you shiny and reflective hair. It will also make your makeup and facial features like jewel eyes more stand out. If your hair colour is light, you need to colour your brows to match with the dark hair colour.

charming fashionable girl posing in pink wig

(3) Pastel Pink

Pastel pink hair is the symbol of every millennial girl. This smoky or pale shade looks most stunning on light skin tones. For the warm skin tones, you can try a darker pink shade. If you want a dreamy hair colour, try pastel pink with silver strands! The bright silver mane can be dipped in a pastel pink to create the most perfect and edgiest ombré.

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(4) Negative Highlights

Highlight is another way to bring you a new hair colour style instead of colouring a whole new shade. You just keep your natural hair colour as the base colour. If your natural hair colour is bright and light, the colour of highlight should be slightly darker. It works best for wavy hair to create airy and layering hair style.