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4 Essential Makeup Products You Need In Your Bag

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Are you one of the many that tends to overload their makeup bag?

If you are, we are telling you now that there isn’t really that much to bring, and neither do your products are all that necessary.

So, let’s keep things simple and sweet!

Here are four must-have products you need in your bag that will keep you pretty throughout the day.


A basic eye shadow quad

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An eye shadow quad gives you four colors to play with, which is great.

The good things about quads are that they are small and very versatile.

Mix and match to create looks for casual workday to Friday night outs.

We recommend you stick with natural earthy tones, but if you are a fan of bold colors, totally go for a quad that contains vibrant shades!

If your eye shadow quad has a champagne or silvery shade, double it up as a highlighter! Just warm it up between your fingers and gently swipe it on your cheekbones, brow bones and on your cupid’s bow.

How’s that, no highlighter need.


A compact cushion

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Compact cushions give an airy and natural finish with just the right amount of coverage. You can layer it up until it reaches your desired level of coverage.

It also usually comes with a small mirror and sponge, which is handy.

Compact cushions can also be used as a concealer, simply use your hands instead of the sponge for greater precision!

They are also fast to dry and comfortable to wear.

So, with this, you can skip bringing all the primers, heavy brushes, foundations, and concealers and setting powders!

So much more convenient!


A simple brow kits

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A makeup look is not completed without brows drawn on, so a simple brow kit is a must. Don’t worry; they are tiny in size.

A simple brow kit usually comes in two to three shades, ranging from light to dark brown. (Double it up as an eye shadow!)

Also, use the tiny brow brush that they have in the kit, dip it in the dark brown color, and use it to line your eyes! (A great alternative to pencil eyeliner)

It would be better to find a kit that comes with a small brow comb. If it doesn’t come with one, it’s fine too.

Just use your hands…no, we are kidding.

Lipstick/Tinted lip balm  

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Sheer lipsticks or tinted lip balms and glosses are great for everyday wear.

Choose a natural pink, coral or mauve to be safe. However, if you like bold lip colors, you can always choose a vampy burgundy or feverish red!

With natural lip colors, you can double them up as a blush! (No brushes needed)

Apply the lip product gently on the back of your hand, and use your fingers to dab on the colors. Then swipe it on the apple of your cheeks for a natural flush.

Who told you makeup products can only be used for their original purposes?

In a world where time and space is limited, you should learn to efficiently and smartly pack your makeup bag!

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