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Charcoal Bamboo Ultra Soft Toothbrush 1pc

Charcoal Bamboo Ultra Soft Toothbrush 1pc
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Product Details

WATSONS Charcoal Bamboo Ultra Soft Toothbrush 1pc

Brush sustainably with Watsons Charcoal Bamboo Ultra Soft Toothbrush, featuring eco-friendly handle and 100% recycled paper box. Join our commitment to help protect our beaitiful planet from plastic pollution. Make the switch today.

- 100% recycled paper box
- Bamboo Charcoal Extract Infused Ultra-Soft Bristles that helps remove dental plaque and keep your breath fresh.
- 0.01 Slim Tip soft Bristles that clean along the gum line and reach deep in between tight teeth for more effective cleaning.
- Anti Bacterial Infused Bristles with Ag+ that inhibits bacteria build-up on the bristles by 99%
- Environmentally Friendly Bamboo Handle that contains environmentally friendly materials which reduces plastic plastic consumption.

Place of Origin


Product Usage

1. To avoid mold, make sure to dry the bamboo stick with a towel before putting it in an open-air toothbrush holder or any other dry area. The bamboo stick will get mold if it is stored under humid environment.

2. Recommended to brush teeth twice a day.

3. Recommended to use together with other Watsons Oral Care products to maintain oral health.


Handle - Bamboo, Beewax, Paint, Bristles - PBT, Bamboo Charcoal Powder, Silver Ion


Children under the age of 7 should be supervised by an adult while brushing.