We might be a big company, but we’re conscious about treading lightly when it comes to the environment. We keep our environmental footprint to a minimum by investing solidly in these four key areas, with the goal of reducing our greenhouse gas emissions:


       Staff Awareness

       Utilities Consumption

       Waste Management 

       Energy-Efficient Transport 



Our Position on Microplastics


Microplastics are solid synthetic polymer (plastic) particles, insoluble in water. Due to their small size (<5mm) they often pass through sewage water filtration systems and can pollute waterways; microplastics impact the food chain as they can be ingested by marine organisms. Cosmetics/ personal care products account for 2% of microplastic pollutants in the ocean*.


Ahead of legislations, Philippines has taken the positive step to ban the use of microplastic in rinse-off Own Brand cosmetics/personal care scrub products development since 2014.


To further fulfill our commitment to the environment, Philippines has decided to extend the ban to all rinse-off cosmetics products / personal care products containing microplastics, and targets to end the sales of such products by end 2019.


*Source: Boucher, J. and Friot D. (2017). Primary Microplastics in the Oceans: A Global Evaluation of Sources.