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Home Fragrance Diffuser Orange and Spices 250ML

Home Fragrance Diffuser Orange and Spices 250ML
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Product Details

BIES Home Fragrance Diffuser Orange and Spices 250ML

Create a relaxing atmosphere and constantly enjoy your favorite fragrance in every corner of your home or office. The aroma diffuser will ensure even distribution of the fragrance in the room around the clock, create a wonderful atmosphere and improve your mood.

The BI-ES aroma diffusers are extremely stylish and therefore also a designer decoration.

The Orange & Spices fragrance is a unique set that will bring warmth and a cozy atmosphere to the interior of your home. Additionally, you will feel the amazing aroma of spices, perfect for autumn evenings. The air will smell of warm mulled wine.

Place of Origin


Product Usage

1. Place the sticks that came with your reed diffuser into the bottle to absorb the diffuser oil .

2. Flip sticks so that the "dry" side of the sticks is now closest to the bottle and the saturated end is in the air.

3. Place dry end of the sticks into the bottle.

4. Let your reed diffuser naturally permeate your space. Reed diffusers will continue to evaporate into the air, creating a subtle and luxurious scent.


Ethanol, Orange, sweet, ext, Orange terpens, (R)-p-Mentha-1,8-diene, Cinnamic aldehyde, 3,7-Dimethyl octa-1,6-diene-3-o, (-)-alpha-Pinene, Citronellol, Eugenol, Linalyl acetate, Pin-2(10)-ene, Piperonal,