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Ropinirole Hcl 8Mg 1 Tablet [PRESCRIPTION REQUIRED]

Ropinirole Hcl 8Mg 1 Tablet [PRESCRIPTION REQUIRED]
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Product Details

REQUIP Ropinirole Hcl 8Mg 1 Tablet

REMINDER: A doctor's prescription is required to purchase this product. To avoid delay in delivery or cancellation of your order (before the item is SHIPPED), please email a copy of your prescription (.jpeg or .pdf file format) to with your order number after Checkout. Our pharmacist will also get in touch with you to validate your prescription.

Restless legs syndrome
Adult: In moderate to severe cases: As conventional tab: Week 1: Initially, 0.25 mg for 2 days; if tolerated, dose may be increased to 0.5 mg once daily for the rest of the week. Week 2 onwards: 1 mg once daily for 7 days, may be increased by 0.5 mg at weekly intervals up to a dose of 3 mg once daily, followed by a final increase to Max of 4 mg once daily on week 7. Dose titrations must be based on individual response and tolerability. All doses are to be given 1-3 hours before bedtime.

Parkinson's disease
Adult: Alone or as an adjunct to reduce the on-off fluctuations in levodopa response: As conventional tab: Initially, 0.25 mg tid, doses may be increased in increments of 0.75 mg daily at weekly intervals for the 1st 4 weeks according to patient response and tolerability. After 4 weeks, as necessary, dose may be increased by 1.5 mg daily at weekly intervals up to 9 mg daily dose, then by increments of up to 3 mg daily at weekly intervals for the subsequent weeks. Max: 24 mg daily. As prolonged-release tab: Initially, 2 mg once daily for 1 week, then increased to 4 mg once daily from the 2nd week. If sufficient control is not achieved or maintained, daily dose may be increased by 2 mg at weekly or longer intervals according to response up to a dose of 8 mg once daily; if still no response, daily dose may be increased further by 2-4 mg at intervals of at least 2 weeks. Maintain at the lowest effective dose. Max: 24 mg daily. Patients switching from conventional tab to prolonged-release tab: May initiate dose of prolonged-release tab based on the total daily dose of the conventional tab (refer to detailed product guideline for specific dosing).

CONTRAINDICATIONS: Significant: Paradoxical worsening of RLS symptoms (augmentation or early morning rebound), impulse control disorders (e.g. pathological gambling, hypersexuality, compulsive buying, binge eating), dyskinesias, psychotic effects (e.g. hallucinations, paranoid ideation, delusions, confusion, psychotic-like behaviour, mania, disorientation, aggressiveness, agitation, delirium), somnolence and episodes of sudden sleep onset, orthostatic hypotension or hypotension; syncope, sometimes associated with bradycardia; fibrotic complications (e.g. pleural effusion, pleural fibrosis, interstitial lung disease, cardiac valvulopathy), neuroleptic malignant syndrome (abrupt withdrawal or rapid dose reduction), dopamine agonist withdrawal syndrome.
Ear and labyrinth disorders: Vertigo.
Gastrointestinal disorders: Nausea, vomiting, constipation, abdominal pain, heartburn, dyspepsia.
General disorders and administration site conditions: Peripheral oedema, fatigue, pain.
Immune system disorders: Hypersensitivity reaction (e.g. urticaria, angioedema, rash, pruritus).
Infections and infestations: Viral infection.
Injury, poisoning and procedural complications: Fall.
Investigations: Increased liver enzymes.
Nervous system disorders: Dizziness, headache.
Vascular disorders: Hypertension.

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Product Usage

Tab: May be taken with or without food.
Extended-Release Tab: May be taken with or without food. Swallow whole, do not crush/divide/chew.




Significant: Paradoxical worsening of RLS symptoms (augmentation or early morning rebound)