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dr g, skincare, bb cream, korean skincare, peeling gel
dr g, skincare, bb cream, korean skincare, peeling gel
dr g, skincare, bb cream, korean skincare, peeling gel

HEALTHY SKIN IS BEAUTIFUL SKIN. This is the primary belief of Dr G, a globally renowned skincare brand that people across the world trust for their skin health.

What began as the first beauty care clinic in Korea in 1998, this Gowoonsesang-based skincare brand was born from a childhood accident. In his youth, CEO and Founder of Dr G, Ahn Gun Young, suffered from damaged skin due to burns. As a child, he felt that the doctors that cared for him then had little compassion for him and his condition.

This was when he decided to create skincare products with empathy that focus on providing the RIGHT solution for every skin concern.

In his study as a skin expert, he has learned that certain cosmetics may be too harsh in addressing skincare concerns. Dr G is then focused on providing solutions with sincere compassion.

Since launching in 2003, Dr G has won numerous awards and has become globally recognized as a top dermatology-centric skincare line. Dr G is even known as "My Skin Mentor" as they view skincare as something that requires patience and care. The brand has considered every aspect of application from ingredients to routine in how their products are formulated and packaged.

Dr. G Philippines currently offers FOUR of the brand's lines: pH Cleansing, Green Sun Up, Hydra Aqua, and RED Blemish.

Dr. G's ph Cleansing line focuses on providing balanced and gentle cleansing products for the skin to promote clean and protected skin. These products are formulated to remove fine particles that are deep in the skin while still strengthening and reinforcing the skin barrier.

Dr G's Green Sun Up line is the latest in the brand's dedication to constantly improving their formulations in protecting the skin against sun damage. Their new formulations are more stable and more nourishing while also still using even gentler ingredients so their products are safe for those with the most sensitive skin.

For those with chronically dry skin, Dr G has formulated the Hydra Aqua line of products with high density moisture that can fill even the narrowest gaps in the skin. These products can boost moisture production in the skin to prevent cracks and dry patches.

And of course, loved by casual consumers and skincare experts alike, is Dr G's RED Blemish line. This ultra calming line proudly holds the title of one of the brand's top sellers. One (1) of their RED Blemish Soothing Creams is sold every 10 seconds and the line has an approval rating of 4.75 out of 5. This soothing and hydrating line from Dr G has been trusted for years and has won global awards yearly since 2018.

Compassionate. Data-driven. Effective. Dr. G believes in making the world healthy and beautiful. 

dr g, skincare, bb cream, korean skincare, peeling gel