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Supplier's Selection

To be allowed to produce Watsons Own Brand products, manufacturers are assessed through Watsons’ Supplier
Qualification Audit program. (SQA) consisting of two steps:

A regular internal audit by Watsonsâ€' Quality Assurance Engineers to ensure consistent Good Manufacturing Practice
(GMP) and Quality Management is in place.

Yearly external audits with independent auditors.

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New product Research and Development

The Watsons'€™ Product Development team constantly evaluates beauty trends and source and develop winning products based on extensive research and customer feedback:

  • Each new product developed goes through an external independent agency specialized in Consumer product testing.
  • Substantiation of specific product claims (eg. '€˜Dermatologically tested'€™ claim) is assured through tests in independent institutes in Asia and/or Europe.
  • Toxicological Risk Assessment is carried out on all formulated products by an independent Toxicologist expert based in Europe
  • The Toxicological Risk Assessment process utilized by Watsons combines the highest and most stringent regulations for all markets from both Asia and Europe, assessing both raw materials and formulations.
  • Watsons works and adheres to the very latest, most updated standards, with a highly scientific approach.

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Watsons "€œOwn Brand" products are only produced by manufacturers that have been qualified through the SQA program. Manufacturing is not permitted unless all steps are approved by our Development, Quality Assurance and Regulatory teams.

Watsons Quality Assurance Engineers regularly visit "€œOwn Brands" manufacturers to review the production process and records; and raw materials and finished product controls

Products undergo comprehensive testing during manufacturing, such as: Stability to light/Stability to temperature/ Packaging compatibility/ Physio-chemical properties/ Microbiological cleanliness/ Preservative efficacy/ Heavy metals/ Optical brightener/ Formaldehyde release/ Screening for impurities.

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Delivery Inspections

Before Watsons Own Brand products reach their destination markets further Quality Assurance controls includes:

  • Inspections at manufacturer'€™s premises by independent, external competent agencies.
  • Inspections upon product delivery at Watsons'€™ warehouses by internal trained staff.

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On going Post-Market Surveillance

Ongoing Post Market Surveillance is conducted with regular reassessment of products in store. Random sample products are tested to ensure ongoing Quality and Safety by rechecking against original specifications:

Watsons adopts the very best practices and whichever are the strictest legislations from both East and West to ensure the very highest standards of compliance and quality assurance for its "Own Brand"€ products.

Quality Assurance Director
100% confidence
"Every Watsons Own Brand range undergoes rigorous research and stringent product testing in compliance with both European and National safety standards, together with ongoing quality controls from manufacturing sites to our stores."€
Sébastien Pivet, Quality Assurance Director, Health and Beauty Retail at A.S. Watsons Group.