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Exceptional Innovation


Fresh is a Filipino brand that offers Korean-value skin and personal care products that are affordable yet high quality. It promotes a home-use concept where looking your best is achievable without having to spend on high-value treatments.


We are driven by the desire to innovate – to cultivate a harmonious bond between nature and science. We do this by creating health and Korean beauty products that combine natural simplicity and affordable luxury.


Our Consumers and Products


Since consumers have an uncontrolled appetite for skincare, we take their needs to heart. Korean beauty is the latest obsession of industry insiders and consumers, and this obsession isn’t stopping any time soon. By combining our consumers’ needs with the latest and best in Korean skincare innovations, we are able to ensure top-quality products enriched with reliable ingredients. These products are carefully selected to serve specific skin type requisites, thus achieving the most beneficial results for our consumers.


Inside and Out Results


We focus on improving skin from the inside out. We believe that a truly radiant complexion doesn’t happen overnight by simply treating the skin’s outer layers. Instead, we aim to create skincare that concentrates on maintaining a healthy, well-hydrated, and nourished environment for the skin, for results that last a lifetime.


Better Value


We aim to redefine beauty, to be unconventional, and to take bold risks while maintaining the very core of our passion – to make the bare minimum of beauty exciting. We want to show how fun skincare can and should be, and that freshness is all you need to exude confidence! Be confident, be fresh!


FRESH is now among the top 4 brands in Watsons Philippines which now has a total of 800 stores



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