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Brand Landing Page - Mediheal
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Mediheal, Korean products, Facial MaskMediheal, Korean products, Facial MaskMediheal, Korean products, Facial MaskMediheal, Korean products, Facial Mask
Mediheal, Korean products, Facial Mask

Mediheal has been able to grow into a global beauty brand and sold 1 billion mask packs that is true to name as a result of pursuing only one purpose for the past 10 years to create a daily mask pack that can replace all complex skin care processes with one.   


Mediheal, which has introduced a variety of mask packs, reaching more than 250 types over the last 10 years, has introduced many first mask products in Korea through long researchMediheal provides high-quality mask packs to consumers at reasonable prices by carefully selecting excellent botanical and scientific ingredients. Mask packs are made through a strict process such as essences and ampoules that are absorbed into the skin, a sheet that covers the skin, and a package that contains them, thorough hygiene management and scientific facilities are important above all.  

Mediheal, Korean products, Facial Mask


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