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PH Care - Gynepro
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The feminine area is delicate and unfortunately, not all soaps and cleansers are gentle. Thus, it is important to use feminine hygiene products that are specially made to care for your feminine area. Thankfully, there’s pH Care’s pH-balanced formulation for every day odor protection and GynePro’s antiseptic solution for ultra protection against red day bacteria. Feel clean, protected, fresh, and odor-free whenever and wherever you may be with pH Care and GynePro!

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pH Care understands all the complexities a woman must go through in her lifetime. With each beautiful thing in store, pH Care will be here with you to brave through them all.


From your first period to your first love, from the mundane day-to-day to your wedding day, from all your proud moments to the secrets you can't bare to say out loud - You can count on us to give you care you need. After all, us girls need to look out for each other! We deserve no less.


pH Care understands your delicate feminine need by providing you with every day care that's right for you. Unlike soap, pH Care has the right pH level of 5 that is gentle and safe for the feminine area.




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