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Pomé, tampon, menstrual cup
Pomé, tampon, menstrual cup
Pomé, tampon, menstrual cup

You'll be so much more with Pomé. We give women the opportunity to do whatever, whenever they want to become the woman they love. Founded in 2017, Pomé is a dedicated group of strong and independent women who want to share with all the women in the world what made their lives better. and trainers, based in the Philippines. Pomé is a wordplay for pomegranate which is the fruit of fertility. The fruit was popularized in Ancient Greece and Greek mythology. From a young age, we hated when our period would come around. We always wish that we'd never have periods. We always have those moments where we'd stop ourselves from doing something just because we're worried our period might leak. We must still remember that our period signifies women's capability to be able to create. We're on a mission to make women feel proud that they are born women. 

Pomé, tampon, menstrual cup