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rohto eye drops
rohto eye drops
rohto eye drops

World’s No. 1 Eye Care Brand

Keeping the eyes healthy is Rohto’s number one priority. Because Rohto understands the important role healthy and refreshed eyes play in people’s daily lives. They help increase productivity at work, maximize enjoyment of one's leisure time, and more! Make eye care a part of your daily habit with ROHTO EYE DROPS. Invented in Japan. Trusted all over the world.
Bring relief to tired eyes with a few drops, so you can enjoy more of your favorite TV shows, increase productivity at work, or enjoy more gaming time. It can also help you keep a clear vision and stay awake while driving. Refresh your eyes and keep them healthy with ROHTO EYE DROPS. It acts as artificial tears to help enhance the benefits of real tears:
- Prevent eye surface dryness.
- Deliver oxygen and nutrients to the cornea.
- Wash out dust and debris from the eyes.
- Prevent bacteria and other germs from entering.
ROHTO EYE DROPS is suitable for all ages and can be used with or without contact lenses. It even helps remedy the common issues that contact-lens users experience such as heavy tired eyes, dry eyes, and the stickiness that makes it hard to remove contact lenses after wearing them the whole day.

ROHTO EYE DROPS is available in two variants: COOL and AQUA. For Instant Cooling Relief try ROHTO EYE DROPS COOL. Its advanced formula gives it a unique cooling sensation that instantly brings fast relief and cooling comfort to freshen up the eyes.

The technology behind ROHTO EYE DROPS makes it the ideal choice in today’s modern and busy world. With its well-designed bottle, users can practice eye care without hassle. It has a…
- Patented Free-Angle Nozzle. This allows to apply droplets easily and effortlessly on your eyes from any angle.
- Clicking Cap. Open and seal the bottle in the most convenient manner. Twist to open. Push to close. Once it clicks, you know right away that it’s already sealed.
- Functional Design. The bottle’s transparent, crystal-clear color shows exactly how much eye drops are still left. Its flat oval shape also makes it easy to squeeze and prevents it from rolling over in case it is dropped.

About Rohto Pharmaceutical
Established in 1899 in Osaka, Rohto Pharmaceutical Co. is one of the leading manufacturers of over-the-counter (OTC) drugs in Japan. Decades of experience allowed Rohto to develop unique technology and top-notch expertise in the field of OTC drugs.
Rohto has been making eye drops for over 100 years. ROHTO EYE DROPS is the #1 eye drops brand in the world and has been #1 in Japan for the past 40 years.

The Award-Winning Eye Care Brand
In 2014, Guinness World Records recognized Rohto as the largest over-the-counter (OTC) eye care brand with a revenue of more than $312 million.

This worldwide success can be credited to the premium quality offered by Rohto. This has helped gain the trust and loyalty of consumers all over the world, especially for ROHTO EYE DROPS’ flagship product which offers a unique cooling sensation. Unlike regular eye drops, it brings fast relief and cooling comfort that instantly refreshes the eyes.

Safety Guaranteed
Only purified water of Japanese Pharmacopeia standard is used for each bottle of ROHTO EYE DROPS. And to ensure complete product hygiene, the whole production process is fully automated. It’s 100% done by machine under a controlled environment (ISO 14644 Grade A). This ensures that air cleanliness in the manufacturing area meets the highest standards. 

rohto eye drops