Use Cushion Foundation in A Proper Way

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In recent years, many beauty brands launched cushion foundation. Under this trend, girls changed from liquid foundation, powder to cushion foundation. However, do you really know how to apply cushion foundation? In this article, we will discuss how girls wrongly use cushion foundation in order to understand more about how to use it properly.

Choose the cushion foundation suitable for your skin

Girls buy cushion foundation according to the beauty trends, but they always overlook to understand the need of their skin. Thus, before buying the right cushion foundation, you should understand your skin and choose the one which is suitable for yours. There are 2 types of cushion make up: brightening cushion foundation and matte cushion foundation. If you are oily skin, and you use brightening cushion foundation, your skin will become much oilier. The proper way to use cushion foundation should be using natural cushion foundation as the base. After that, use matte cushion foundation for the T-zone area which is easy to have oil and apply brightening cushion foundation on nose, cheeks and under eyes to enhance the contour of your face.

Choose the cushion foundation suitable for your skin color

Cushion foundation provides different color for your choices. You should choose the one which is suitable for your skin color. Otherwise, over-whitening will affect the contour of your face. The proper way to use cushion foundation should be using the one with your skin color on the central of your face for brightening effect. Apply the powder puff on cushion foundation, and then use the puff to blend from the central of your face to the other parts. At last, use the shadow powder to highlight the contours of the face.

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Proper use of the powder puff

Gently press the powder puff into the skin for 2-3 times will be good for your makeup. Don’t use the powder puff to push the foundation because this action will drag the skin and cause fine lines on the face.

In addition, after pressing powder puff on the cushion foundation, fold the puff, so that the foundation can be evenly distributed on the puff. After that, press the puff into the skin to make your makeup more meticulous.

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Clean the powder puff properly

The powder puff should be cleaned regularly to prevent from the growth of bacterial. First, you can add some cleansing oil on the puff. Then, use your fingers to press the puff and wash it with water. Repeat this step until the puff is clean. After cleansing, use tissue paper to absorb the water on the puff and then put it in a ventilated place until it is dry and you can use it again.

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