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How to dye your hair at home like a pro while social distancing?

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How to dye your hair like a pro

Social distancing is an effective way to slow the spread of disease. Many salons closed for nearly a month due to the disease outbreak, roots are beginning to show. How to dye your hair at home like a pro? Here is the ultimate guide for your reference.

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(1) Do a patch test

Professional salons always provide a patch test for the customers before dyeing hair. It is a test to dab a small amount of the hair dye behind your ear on the inner elbow and observe any skin reaction to the chemicals of the hair dye. If you feel unwell or have any irritation, please stop to use the product.

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(2) Do a strand test

Strand test means applying the hair dye on a small section of your hair for a test. This can ensure the result of the final colour after 24 hours and estimate the waiting time. Read and follow the instructions to dye your hair. However, everyone’s hair texture is different. The waiting time is a reference only. In general, you can shorten the waiting time for 5-10 minutes for finer hair as the hair will be coloured faster.

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(3) Don’t wash your hair

Never wash your hair for two days before hair dyeing. Natural oils can act as a barrier to protect your scalp and avoid irritation. How to dye your hair evenly? Remember to brush your hair to detangle all knots. And, section your hair into 4 parts, from the middle to the bottom and from ear to ear across the crown. Using a colour brush to apply the hair dye can colour the hair precisely.

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(4) Keep your hairline and ears clean

Let us share a trick with you. Vaseline is a great tool for hair dyeing. You can swipe some Vaseline along your hairline and ears in advance. This can avoid the hair dye colouring your skin that cannot get off easily. Please also wear disposable gloves and hairdressing cape to prevent the hair dye colour your hands and the clothes.