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Hair Style Ideas for Statement Earrings (I)

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Thinking of getting yourself a pair of statement earrings? Here are a few hair style ideas that will help you show off your new bejewelled accessories in style!


What Will I Need to Achieve These Hairstyles for Statement Earrings?

  • Hair brush
  • Hair pins
  • Hair spray
  • Heat protecting spray
  • Hair bands
  • Your favourite curler or straightener
  • Your brand-new statement earrings

Hair Style Idea: Sleek Low Pony

If your earrings and dress are quite intricate, you may be looking for a glossy, high end yet understated hair style that will let your outfit take centre stage. The perfect hair style for this is a glossy low pony. Here’s how to achieve it in a few steps:

Step 1: Brush, brush, brush

Using a detangling brush, brush through your hair and make sure there are no knots or tangles.

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Step 2: Heat protect and straighten

Because we want our hair to look extra slick and glossy, we’re going to straighten our hair, but not before using some heat protecting spray.

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Step 3: Go for a middle parting

Place a fine-toothed comb at the bridge of your nose and point it upwards. That’s where your middle parting should be.



Step 4: Using your detangler, pull hair into a low pony

Brush through to ensure your hair is completely tangle-free, pull your hair into a low ponytail and secure with a band. To conceal the band, take a hair strand from the back of your pony and wrap around, securing with a pin at the back.



Step 5: Finish with hair spray

You can either finish with hair spray by spraying your hair directly, or spray the palm of your hand and tap your hair down for extra gloss, shine and glamour!



And now, the earrings! Looking great!


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