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When it comes to mascara, there are plenty of options when you are walking through the aisle. Besides, mascara is always one of the buzzes when you are talking about cosmetics shopping with your friends. You may experience that you found the recommendation from your friend is not as good as they said when you apply it. How to choose the right mascara for yourself without going wrong? Here are a few tips may help you!

1. With short eyelashes

Which mascara you should use?

If your natural eyelash is short, you may wish to have a mascara that can volumize and strengthen your eyelash without putting too much weight to your eyelid. You may choose mascara that can help you build incredible length by simply 1-2 swipes, your lashes would look full and pretty. Yet, the key point is not overly dramatic!

Best mascaras for short lashes

2. With curly eyelashes

Which mascara you should use?

Many people want to own a natural curly eyelash, it can be a blessing if you can spare some time to take care of time and not too rush in the morning. You could take on a tighter shape of mascara brush. You might want to brush your lashes with a clean spoolie first before you swipe on mascara. The quick pre-step will separate the lashes and help the mascara evenly adhere to each hair.

Best mascaras for curly lashes

3. With straight and downturned eyelashes

Which mascara you should use?

This sounds very abstract to you, right? If you ever tried the curl mascara, and you still cannot see any impact on you. Then, you own this type of lash.  This type will always need an eyelash curler or perm to get perky lashes. Regardless of what you want out of a mascara, you will need waterproof and tubular mascaras. It can guarantee that they won’t smudge, a particular hazard for those people whose lashes naturally come in contact with their under-eyes. They are also great at keeping lashes curled.

Best mascaras for straight and downturned lashes


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