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Extra Thin Wound Dressing 4x4 Inches
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Product Details

DUODERM Extra Thin Wound Dressing 4x4 Inches

DuoDERM Extra Thin Dressing can be used as a primary hydrocolloid dressing for dry to lightly exuding wounds.

-A thin polyurethane film provides a bacterial and viral barrier when the dressing remains intact and without leakage.
-The film provides a waterproof barrier over the dressing.
-The dressing can be removed without damaging newly formed tissue.
-It is designed to reduce the risk of further skin breakdown due to friction by preventing contact with clothes/bed linen.
-It can be used on the body as a primary or secondary dressing.
-It can be used on skin tears and superficial wounds, dry to lightly exuding wounds, newly-formed tissue, or skin at risk of further breakdown.

Place of Origin

Dominican Republic

Product Usage


Wash your hands, cleanse and rinse the wound and then dry the surrounding skin.
Measure the wound to select the appropriate dressing size, allowing a 3.0cm (1¦ -inch) overlap on intact skin around the whole wound.
Warm the dressing between your hands.
Remove the ""top",white release paper, being careful to minimize finger contact with the adhesive surface.
Hold the adhesive side of the dressing over the wound.
Align the dressing with the center of the wound.
Gently apply the center part of the dressing.
Remove the ""bottom",white release paper while rolling the dressing in place - but don't stretch it.
Repeat the above procedure on the other side and remove the clear release paper.
Gently mold the dressing into place for 30-60 seconds.
Gently lift one corner of the dressing.
Roll it away from the wound while holding the skin away.
Gently lift the other corners and pull upwards until the dressing completely peels off.



Latex hydrocolloid dressing