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2018 Yoga Trends You’ll Want to Try Now

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Yoga originated in India and the practice is being improvised by the health experts across the world. The current trends have literally changed. It has become more interactive and focused to solve the fitness problems and health issues of an individual. As we go into 2018, here are some of the latest yoga trends that have been popping up, let’s following the trend and keep moving.

Acrobatic Yoga

It is an advanced yoga that involves a partner. The workout is challenging and requires complete body balance and strength. During the yoga time, you need to take turns lifting and balancing your partner while they perform standard yoga poses in the air.

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Floatation Yoga

Floatation Yoga need to practise the poses with balancing on a floating surfboard. Practicing the moves on a solid platform might be easy, but on a fluid surface can be quite intimidating. Extreme body balance and physical awareness are needed for this kind of yoga.

Travel Yoga

Travel is the new concept of developing a unique location in a serene tourist spot where yoga aficionados can practice the postures for few days. No matter where you travel or how often, there are no more excuses for not keeping up with your yoga routine. There are many options to choose from, and they vary in length, intensity and skill level. It will be a very relaxing venture to ward off stress and tension from your mind and body.

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Musical Yoga

When you think of yoga, you may feel dull and silent. But musical yoga is different, it has become more interactive. The yoga postures are being practiced by the aficionados with preferred music running at the background. The live music during the yoga can also add a lot of energy for you and let you more enjoy and relax.

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