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Pose Like a PRO Pose – Instagram Trend 2018

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Nowadays, posting Instagram feeds become part of our life. We try to some something special to post every day, food, animals, selfie and even your outfit. For days when you’re really feeling your look good, but figuring out just how to pose can feel awkward and intimidating. No worries! Here are some suggested poses and they may just be the secret to getting those thousands of double-taps.

Headless Stylish

It is a good idea when you love your outfit, but your face is not ready. The headless image close-up your outfit with details. You can take it whenever you want because you don’t need to care about your face.

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Laid-Back Profile

By taking the laid-back profile, when you take the photo, try to look at somewhere else instead of the camera, showcasing the head-to-toe, front-meets-side view of your outfits.

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Casual Lounge

Just sit and relax, and you can take the casual image without feeling awkward. It is not necessary to sit on a chair in restaurant. Anywhere on the street is a good choice as it can create more scene at the background.

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Crossing-The-Street Shot

It is the best way to get the most effortless-looking OOTD photo. To add value on the photo, you can choose a street with some special signatures to attract more audience to pay attention on your shot.

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Give a slight bend in the knee and tuck one hand in your pocket while you shyly look away from the camera. It makes your image feel natural.

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Try your own now! And you will discover the great increment on the number of your followers.

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