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Best APP to calculate calories

APP to calculate calorieslose weight

We all know that losing weight is not an easy job. Tracking the calorie intake could help you work towards your health and weight goals easier and more efficient. With the calories counting Apps, your calculation will be more accurate. Read on to find out those useful APPs suggested.

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It’s regarded as one of the most popular Calorie Counter. It will recommend the daily calorie intake according to your weight. And you can design your own diet meals and add the food in the app, it will show the related calories immediately as it contains an over 5 million food database for you to calculate calories easily. It provides useful food insight that you can have a clear picture of your food choices.

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Lose It!

It is a user-friendly and funny app for calculating calories, since you can snap a pic and upload to the app, and it will identify the image and show the related calorie and nutrition information. Also, you can input your current weight, height, age and health goals into the app, it can create a custom meal for your own target. It’s such a goal-motivated app for losing weight.

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This app is not only for counting calorie intake, but also the healthy recipes, tips and articles suggested for you to lose weight. You can also find the exercise diary and monthly report to keep track of your weight loss progress. It is definitely a comprehensive tool and best app to achieve your weight loss goals.

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