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4 ways to get rid of heat rash

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Heat rash, also known as prickly heat and sweat rash, often occurs in summer and hot weather. Both babies and adults may appear this skin condition and it may be discomfortable and painful. In most situation, heat rash isn’t serious. You can try the below ways to get rid of the condition.

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Bathing in cool water

Cooling down your skin is one of the easiest ways to get rid of heat rash. Bathing in cool water can help. It can keep your skin cool and prevent the heat rash from becoming more serious. Apart from cool baths, you can take an ice pack and place it on the heat rash area. Sit for a few minutes to cool down your skin. of course, you should make sure to dry your skin properly after that, otherwise your skin will get irritated.

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Light, moisture-wicking clothes

Heat rash occurs when sweat pores become blocked from excessive sweating. It is important to avoid clothing that will irritate your skin or make you sweat a lot. It is suggested to keep your skin dry and wear loose clothes to help your skin heal. Some synthetic fabrics designed for fitness and sporting activities may suit your situation.

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Aloe vera

Heat rash will cause itchy inflammation and redness of the skin. Apply aloe vera gel on the related area to relieve the burning sensation, prevent infection and reduce the visible signs of heat rash. It is quite safe and effective that won’t clog the pores and worsen the condition of the skin.


Talcum powder

It is difficult to keep heat rash-affected area completely dry in the hot and humid water, even if you avoid exercise. Therefore, it is good to use talcum powder to dry your skin. Take a small amount of powder and rub it gently on the affected skin. Top up throughout the day to prevent heat rash.

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