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How to Detox like a Pro

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Do you gain weight after a big holiday celebration? You may notice that your liver is suffering due to eating and drinking too many festive treats. Want to get back on the track? Here are some ways to detox like a pro!

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(1) Hydration

Your body accumulated toxins after a holiday feast. Hydration is essential for detox. Start your day by drinking warm water with lemon and pinch of pink Himalayan salt. And, keep drinking lemon water throughout the day. It gives your body vitamins, minerals and stimulates the liver to detox gently. The result of intaking a tablespoon of cold pressed coconut oil every morning is more significant. Avoid drinking alcohol and coffee which may dehydrate your body.

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(2) Fresh and Light Breakfast


Just give a break to your digestive system! Eat simply for breakfast. Try to drink a glass of fresh juice or green smoothie and eat oatmeal or fresh fruits. Your body takes time to detox after the big holiday meals.

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(3) Workout


Workout can help your body to burn calories and remove the toxins effectively through breathing, stretching, circulating and sweating. Running, walking, swimming, yoga and Pilates are good for detoxification. Toxins can be flushed out through the skin by sweating.

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(4) Eat Green, Eat Clean


Keep eating light, fresh and raw foods until your body is cleansed. Eat plenty of green vegetables and raw fruits without sauces instead of carbohydrates and fat. Avoid eating processed foods. Your detox diet should be full of fiber to stimulate your digestive system for eliminating toxins.