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Your heart consists mostly of cardiac muscle. Like other muscles in your body, the more active you are, the stronger and healthier the muscles will become. A number of studies found out people who don’t exercise are almost twice as likely to get heart disease as people who are active. But before you start exercising you should consider what you’d like to do and how fit you are. Here are some heart healthy exercises suggestions for you.

Aerobic Exercise

Running, jogging, and biking are some of the most common aerobic exercises, among all the exercises, walking are known to be the best cardio exercise. Why? Walking is enjoyable, safe, inexpensive, and easy to fit into almost anyone’s busy schedule. You can get in walking time by walking to work, walking to the grocery store, and walking around your neighborhood. Bottom-line is you have to move fast enough to raise your heart rate and breathe harder, while still be able to talk to someone while you’re doing it.

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Weight Training

Weight training is critical for people with heart disease. In addition to building muscle mass, which will help fat burning, weight training is also good for bone health and your heart because resistance exercise produces a rise in blood flow to the limbs; it also leads to a longer-lasting drop in blood pressure after exercise, compared to aerobic exercise.

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Yoga not only helps you become more flexible, it can also increase your heart health. For those who don’t work out often, pushing the heart rate up and down quickly can be hazardous. And by doing stretching exercise like yoga, you can elevate your heart rate progressively. For more cardiovascular benefits, go for active yoga style like Ashtanga and Bikram.

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