Getting Help for Mental Illness | Watsons Philippines

Mental illness is not a lifetime, incurable disease; it is easily cured with modern drugs and psychotherapy. The first step towards treatment is to accept that you have it. Signs that you may have a mental problem are feelings of depression or anxiety, seeing or hearing things that are not there, using drugs excessively or having problems with your thoughts. There is nothing wrong with feeling these symptoms every now and then, but if they bother with your sleep and daily activities, you may need to seek help from a psychologist or a psychiatrist.

You may find it hard to do these things. Yet, when you do, you can discover what’s happening in your body and begin to feel signs of improvement.

Discovering it and seeking help early can prevent severe complications. Mental disorders, just like physical diseases, are easy to treat if diagnosed early.

When should I seek help?

Seeking a professional’s advice can help you cope up with what you are feeling. You can’t handle all of these by yourself!

Seek help if you feel:

  • Worried more than usual
  • Finding it difficult to enjoy life
  • Thinking about ideas and sentiments that are hard to deal with, which affect your everyday life
  • Interested to discover more help or treatments

Who can I turn to?

There are many choices on where to seek help. Find one which you think is effective for your condition and one which is most available to where you live. A method may not work for you but may work for others, and vice versa.

Your Doctor

Doctors can provide primary care for what you feel. They can also help you take good care of your physical and mental health.

A trained therapist

Trained therapists such as psychologists, psychiatrists and counselors can provide various treatments, from medications to psychotherapy. Your doctor can refer you to them. You can also contact them by yourself.

Friends and Family

Talk to someone whom you can trust. They could help you by:

  • Coming with you to consultations
  • Discussing your options with you
  • Finding information about your problems
  • Giving encouragement and support
  • Helping with your daily tasks

Community support groups

Community mental health groups and institutions can help you by making you interact with people who feel the same as you. If you are recovering from alcoholism or drug abuse, these groups are very supportive.

Remember, you alone hold the key towards your recovery. Overcome your fears if you want to bring back your old self. If you are not willing to accept all these treatments, then all these people and all those medicines cannot help you feel better.