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If walking down the street has got you sweating like you’ve just done a Rocky-worthy workout sesh, you may have a perspiration problem. Sweating is normal, especially during intense exercise, but if your pits are puddles by 10am, it can be a pain, not to mention embarrassing. But don’t sweat it (you knew that was coming)… we’ve pulled together some tips, tricks and products that’ll help with problematic perspiration.

Wash it off

We’ve all been there. Skipping a shower for that extra 10 minutes in bed might sound like a good idea, especially if you had one too many the night before, but if you’re more of a Sweaty Sam than a Fresh Fred, showers are a morning must. Use a fresh-smelling shower gel if you’re after an invigorating morning hit. Or go a step further and use antibacterial shower gel, which helps get rid of the microbes causing that notorious eau de stink.

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KO your BO

Talking of stink, an antiperspirant will help you sweat less and smell better. Rather than masking the odour, antiperspirants contain aluminium salts, which reduce the amount of sweat you produce. Make sure skin is completely dry before using antiperspirants, as they’re not as effective on damp skin.

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Sweat less for free

Using products is an easy fix, but sweat isn’t just skin deep. To help with the problem in other ways, try to limit the amount of spicy food, caffeine and nicotine you consume, as these all spike your adrenalin levels and cause your body to produce more sweat. It almost goes without saying that we sweat when our bodies overheat, so keep cool by wearing breathable natural fabrics such as like cotton or linen, which draw heat away from your skin.

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