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How To Get Salon-Worthy Hair On Your Own

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Think you know how to wash your hair? Think again, girls. There’s a reason your barnet looks good when you step out of the salon. So swot up on our shampoo rules and get a guaranteed good-hair day…

  1. Do a double shampoo

Ever been to the hairdressers and had only one shampoo? Didn’t think so. For most hair, one wash just won’t cut it. That’s because while the first wash removes excess dirt and grime, the second is all about getting hair really clean – so be sure to suds up twice.

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  1. Stop using so much shampoo

When you don’t get a decent lather, do you add more shampoo? Stop! This will make it harder to build up a good lather and can remove too many of your hair’s natural oils. If your lather is lacklustre, it’s not product you need to add, it’s water. Remember, your first wash probably won’t create much lather (see point 1) as it’s cleansing away all the grime of the day(s). For best results, squirt two teaspoons’ worth of shampoo into your hands and massage in. The second shampoo is when you can get it right into the roots to create a good lather.

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  1. Apply conditioner properly

Wringing out hair before applying your conditioner helps it work its moisturising magic. Just think how your hairdresser always does this when you’re at the basin. The reason? Excess water dilutes the conditioner. And, remember, patience is a virtue when conditioning.

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  1. Use lukewarm water

Exposing your hair to high temperatures is a shortcut to dull, dry and lifeless hair. Coloured hair will fade faster, too. So turn down that dial. If you’re feeling brave, finish your wash with a cold-water rinse. While warm water opens up the hair cuticle, cold water will seal it, which helps lock in the moisture.

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  1. Choose a shampoo that’s right for you

How do you find your perfect match? Look at your hair properly. Hair can change depending on the season, your diet and even your hormones, so when buying new products, don’t just reach for what you’ve always used. After washing and letting hair dry naturally (without using any styling products), look at it in the mirror. Is it flat or frizzy, or has it sprung into coils, waves or curls?

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