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Know the “healthy” food trap! You should cut them from your diet

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You strictly follow the diet plan and exercise routine and hope to achieve your health goals to lose weight. But you discover your weight didn’t get lose or even get gain. One possible reason is the “healthy” options aren’t what they seem in fact. There are hidden fats, sugars or salt in those foods that will actually make you fat and unhealthy. Here are the common “healthy” food traps that you should cut them from your diet plan.

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No doubt that vegetables are good for our health and you will always go for the salad options like a healthy diet. But salads usually include other unhealthy additions, like croutons, sesame sticks, dried berries and dressings, that completely ruin your diet goal. Even though some of them are labeled as fat-free or low-fat, they often contain sugar and hidden fat. Try virgin olive oil or vinegar as a light dressing option.

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Cereal bars

People on diet often claim that they are giving up on junk food already, like chips and chocolate, but cereal bars are just healthy snacks. Are cereal bars the healthy snacks? The truth behind cereal bars is they are also the processed snacks that contain as many sugars as pre-packaged cookies, despite they do contain healthy ingredients like nuts and oats. Next time when you want a healthy snack, choose a handful of nuts and seeds to replace the “healthy” cereal bars.

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Smoothies or fruit juices

Smoothies or fruit juices can be your great option between meals to substitute the snacks. However, fruit juices generally contain only 25% or less of fruit and high in sugar. And the fruit smoothies are usually served with syrups or ice cream added. Its healthy and nutritional value are actually low. Try to have whole fruit as your option between meals to intake the fiber and nutrition naturally.

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Alcoholic drinks

When you’re on diet, you understand that sugary soft drinks are the evil poison that you should stay away. How about other liquid drinks? Many people misunderstand that alcoholic drinks like wine have little to no carbs and zero fat. However, your body will prioritize alcohol calories before other food calories. It tricks your brain that you feel hungry and choosing unhealthy options that you will end up eating a whole fast food meal after drinking alcohol. That’s why you should stop drinking alcohol when you are on a diet.

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