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It’s the time of year we get to enjoy warm weather, blue skies, swimming, fishing, picnics and many other outdoor activities with friends and family. However, when your day of summer fun is winding down and what is left with you? Sunburned skin! Don’t worry we have some sunburn remedies which can be found at home to soothe your painful, itching and swelling skin.

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Baking soda is not a stranger to you, you use it to bake and sometimes for cleaning. Did you know its alkaline nature and antiseptic properties can also act as home remedies for sunburn? Fill your bathtub with cold water, add one cup of baking soda and soak your body in it for about 15 minutes. Alternatively, you can mix four tablespoons of baking soda with water to make a paste and apply it directly on the affected area, leave it on for 10 minutes for positive result.
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If your face got sunburned, you can try to make yourself a honey mask. Honey is a natural skin moisturizer that promotes skin rejuvenation. The antibiotic content present in honey is also known to heal infection. Simply spread a thin layer of honey on your face and allow it to dry out naturally.

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Tea leaves contains polyphenolic compounds such as tannins, catechins, and epicatechin, which all can act as antioxidants and anti-inflammatory agents. If your eyelids are burned, simply put cold used tea bags on them to decrease swelling and help relieve pain.

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Not only does the easy growing aloe vera bring green into your home, it also delivers excellent anti-inflammatory properties that help relief symptoms of sunburn. Extract the gel from an aloe vera leaf, put the gel in the fridge for half an hour then apply it on the sunburned skin, allow it to dry on its own so your skin can fully absorb the healing substance.

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One more hassle free remedy for you – cold water compress. Nothing is better than cold compresses when it comes to healing heat related condition, as it works to constrict the blood vessel. Simply take a few ice cubes and wrapped in a soft cloth, place the compress on the affect area for a few minutes, it can help reduce inflammation.

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