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How to Start a Keto Diet?

keto diet
keto diet

“Keto Diet” has become a buzzword since 2016. Keto meals are very high in fat, moderate in protein, and low in carbohydrates. This diet can help weight loss and improve blood sugar levels. How to start a Keto Diet? Here is the ultimate guide to start a Keto Diet for beginners.

keto diet

Ketogenic Diet (a.k.a. Keto Diet) is a high-fat, moderate in protein and very low-carb diet, which helps burn fat, lower blood sugar and insulin levels to lose weight. It typically contains 70% fat, 25% protein, and only 5% carbs.


How Keto Diet Works?

Keto Diet reduces the intake of carbs and replaces it with fat. It turns fat into ketones in the liver. This will put your body into a metabolic state called "ketosis". Your body will burn fat for energy efficiently. It will lower blood sugar and insulin levels.

keto diet

- Weight loss

- Control blood sugar and insulin levels to reverse type 2 diabetes

- Improve heart health by reducing cholesterol

keto diet
Week 49 Infographic

Foods to Eat:

- Natural fats

- Protein

- Non-starchy vegetables

- Dairy products

- Nuts & berries

- Water

Foods to Avoid:

- Sugar

- Starch

- Margarine

- Beer

- Fruit

keto diet

Mistake#1: Looking for a quick fix to lose weight


Mistake#2: Not eating enough or wrong fats


Mistake#3: Eating too much protein


Mistake#4: Not eating enough non-starchy vegetables, which may cause nausea, cramps or constipation


People with type 1 diabetes, eating disorders, thyroid disease, and multiple sclerosis should avoid a Keto Diet.

Please consult your physician or other health care professional before starting any diet plan.

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