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When deciding the best diaper for your baby, you should be aware of the body size of the baby, its design features, and the materials of diapers. Wondering how to pick the right diaper for your baby? Here are the things you need to consider when choosing a diaper brand.

Types of Baby Diapers: Cloth V.S. Disposable

There are 2 main types of baby diapers. The first one is disposable diapers which are more convenient for a quick change and perfect to use when you take the babies out of your home. Indeed, disposable diapers cost more than cloth diapers. Cloth diapering is more sustainable and lower cost. Also, it takes time to wash.

Whatever type of diaper you choose, here’s what you need to know.

The body size & weight of the baby

Your baby’s body size and weight is the first thing you need to know. Normally, you can find a clear icon on the diapers’ package stating the size and the weight. If the diaper is too big, it may cause leakage and it is too tight, making your baby uncomfortable.

Diaper Size and Weight Chart

The diaper size and weight charts vary from different manufacturers, the chart below is just for your reference.

Diaper size Baby weight Average Baby age
Preemie < 6 lbs (~3 kg) Premature
Newborn Up to 10 lbs (~ 5 kg) First few weeks
1 8 – 14 lbs(4- 6kg) 4 months
2 12 – 18 lbs(~5- 8kg) 3-8 months
3 16 – 28 lbs(~7-13kg) 5-24 months
4 22 – 37 lbs(10-17~kg) 18-36 months
5 >27 lbs (~12kg) 2-3 years old
6 > 35 lbs(~16 kg) 3-4 years old
Types of diapers How to choose a diaper for your baby

The design of the diaper

When you compare different brands of baby diapers, you can base on the criteria below to check which one suits your baby most.

1)      Wetness Indicator lines

This feature is very useful for you to check the wetness of the diapers. When the white line turns to yellow, it means the diapers are full and need to be changed.

2)      Absorbability

The diapers should have good absorbency and prevent leakage from the side or back.

3)      Breathability

The skin of babies is sensitive and delicate. So, ensure the materials of the diaper is soft and breathable which will not restrict the airflow.

4)      Stretchability

Most diapers are designed with an elastic waistband. If you choose the right size for your baby, the perfect diaper should be snug-fit and stretchy enough. It won’t cause any creases and marks on the skin.

Types of diapers How to choose a diaper for your baby

Here are some tips for preventing baby heat rash.

 tips for preventing baby heat rash
 tips for preventing baby heat rash

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