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Do you know how many diapers a newborn will consume in the first 3 months? It’s almost 700 diapers! As the parents of a newborn, finding comfy diapers with better leak protection for your baby is one of the priorities. See the best 4 diapers for newborns below that earned our recommendations.

Best diapers for infants

  1. Most affordable and quick absorption: WATSONS Baby Diaper
  2. Double prevention for side and back leakage: HUGGIES Dry Diapers Newborn
  3. Breathable bubble top sheet minimizes friction: EQ Dry Disposable Baby Diapers Newborn
  4. Evenly distributes wetness: PAMPERS Baby Dry Taped Value Diaper New Born

1) WATSONS Baby Diaper

WATSONS Baby Diaper is snug fit and leakproof with a breathable cotton cover. The waistband is soft and elastic with magic tapes which are easy to wear. The core is ultra-absorbent with side leak guards and an adequate distribution layer. You don’t need to change the diapers for up to 12 hours if the diaper is not full.

Price: $P5.98/pad (Jumbo pack)

“Very affordable. Has good quality and very absorbent, it can last up to 8hrs with no leak.”

Check out the customer review here.

2) HUGGIES Dry Diapers Newborn

HUGGIES Dry Diapers Newborn can absorb almost 7 cups of fluid and keep the dryness for up to 12 hours. The diaper also helps prevent leaks at the legs and back leakage of runny poo. The cover is soft and cottony with a breathable outer cover that provides gentle protection and keeps the baby’s skin stay dry.

Price: $P7.25/pad

“Huggies is great. Really breathable. Cotton is a bit expensive, but it’s worth it because it can be used overnight.”

Check out the customer review here.

3) EQ Dry Disposable Baby Diapers Newborn

The EQ Dry New Born has a breathable bubble top sheet inside that can reduce friction and against the harmful bacteria that cause diaper rash. It is also designed to prevent side leaks.  Besides the waistband is stretchable and snug-fit with a wider magic tape, providing the best fit for your baby.

Price: $P7.54/pad

“Pros: 1) Doesn’t irritate my baby’s skin (with frequent diaper change); 2) Deodorizes pee and poop and leaves a fresh scent; 3) Has wetness indicator.  Cons: No runny poop catcher at the waistband.”

Check out the customer review here.

4) PAMPERS Baby Dry Taped Value Diaper New Born

The main feature of Pampers Baby Dry Taped Newborn Baby Diaper is to protect the delicate skin of newborn. The top sheet with a mild protective barrier prevents skin rash. It has 3 magic channels and an upgraded magic gel that keep the skin dry and comfy. The diapers are also designed with 2x stretchy tapes which prevent leaks.

Price: $P8.2/pad

“Highly recommended. 😊💯 My baby didn’t get any rashes and it’s very comfortable for the baby to use. From now on, I will always use this on my baby.”

Check out the customer review here.

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