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The Quest for the Optimal Health and Wellness

Instead of treating illness or focusing on specific parts of the body, holistic health care is about gaining proper balance in multidimensional aspects of wellness.

It includes various interrelated dimensional parts such as physical, occupational, environmental, financial, social, intellectual, emotional, and spiritual.  

Holistic health care is more like a life approach. It considers the whole person. Therefore, the interaction between the individuals and his or her environment will lead to different influences on one’s health.

The whole person combines with interdependent parts. If one of them is not on the right track, it will affect other parts and result in an imbalance of overall health.

The combination of conventional medicine and mind-body-spirit therapy

Holistic health care combines traditional medical treatment and mind-body-spirit therapy. It believes that everyone has innate healing powers. The healing process includes the patient, doctor, different therapists.

The treatments will include health care practices related to a person’s life. Not only to relieve the symptoms, but the goal of holistic healing is to help the patient to fix the cause of the condition.

For instance, if someone is suffering from insomnia, the treatment plan of holistic health care will not include traditional medications and drugs only.


Also, it will guide the patient to have a throughout look at the potential causes of insomnia, such as stress, personal problem, sleep habits. Then, the patient needs to modify his or her lifestyle. As a result, one can prevent insomnia from recurring.

selfe-care tips for physical and psychological wellness. vector illustration. healthy lifestyle, exercise, communicate with others, sleeping habit, holistic health care
Lifestyle modification is important in holistic health care.

Types of Holistic Healing

As mentioned before, holistic health care suggests various treatment techniques to help the patients to achieve optimal health and wellness. Hence, lifestyle changes like diet, exercise, and other alternative therapies such as yoga, meditation, psychotherapy, counselling, acupuncture, massage, and naturopathy may include also.

A girl is doing meditation in the morning. close up.
Meditation is considered as one of the alternative therapy of holistic health care.

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