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Pantone 2019 Fashion & Color Trend Editorial

Fashion & Color TrendPantone 2019Pantone Fashion Color Trend Report highlight

Color reflects not only the moods of humans, the changing of season, and weather, but also the fashion trends! Pantone Color Institute created the Pantone Fashion Color Trend Report to highlight the top colour fashion designers are using for the upcoming season. Let’s take a look!

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Lively hues

Pantone’s trend forecast focused on the mix of bright colors. For example the mix of bright reds and oranges creates the tones of mellow.

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Meaning of the color

The bolder side of the spectrum including Jester Red, Terrarium Moss, and Toffee represents a lovely homey colour, reminiscent of Autumn and Winter.

Portrait of confident businessman with hands in pockets. Smart male professional is wearing casuals. He is standing over gray background.

Then, the softer side of the spectrum like Living Coral and Pink Peacock represents summer.

Portrait of an attractive young woman posing suggestively


A palette of neutrals like Soybean, Eclipse, Sweet Corn and Brown Granite are also included in everyday fashion.

A young beautiful blonde woman is walking and enjoying small urban street in Shanghai. She is wearing nice long brown coat and black hat. Her gorgeous face is accentuated by a dark red lipstick.


Other than the fashion color trend, the color of pink will also lead the lipstick fashion in the coming year to create a natural and bare look.

Lips Protection. Beautiful Woman With Beauty Face, Full Lips Applying Lip Balm, Lipcare Stick On. Portrait Of Female Model With Natural Makeup. Lips Skin Care Cosmetics Concept. High Resolution