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How to add volume to your hair

Add volume to hair
Add volume to hair, Volumize hair, Flat and thin hair

How to avoid your thin and fine hair sticking to the scalp? You may spend much time to add volume to your hair every morning. Here are some simple ways that can volumize your hair for a whole day easily and quickly.

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1. Apply Dry Shampoo

Your scalp will produce oils to weigh down your hair strands. You can spray a layer of dry shampoo to coat your scalp after blow-drying. It will become a protective barrier to oils. It can keep your volume hairstyle last longer. Besides, dry shampoo is a volume-building product. Just spray it through your hair to add volume and texture.

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2. Use a Volumizing Shampoo and Conditioner

The formulas of volumizing shampoos and conditioners are designed for fine and thin hair. Volumizing shampoos cleanse your fine and thin hair gently and remove excess oil. They can make the hair look fuller and thicker. Volumizing conditioners are without heavy conditioning ingredients. Only apply it to the half end of your hair and rinse off completely.

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3. Use a Volume-boosting Spray

How to create an illusion of thicker hair? You can apply a lightweight volume-boosting spray to your hair. Then, blow-dry the root of hair can emphasize the effect of root lifting. This can avoid your hair keep sticking to your scalp and help your hairstyle last for a whole day. 

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4. Change Your Hair Color

Hair dying also can volumize your hair. Some hair colors can make your hair looks fuller. For the dark hair, you can make some lighter highlights to minimize the contrast between your dark hair and your scalp. The hair looks more voluminous. More color shades can create a multidimensional hairstyle. More different color layers can make your hair looks thicker.