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Have you ever thought of finishing your makeup with your pair of hands instead of using any make-up brushes? In fact, there are different length of our five fingers which is exactly the skills required for makeup requirements, look at the following explanation, and you can do it.

Thumb: Apply Eye Shadow Easily

First, press on the appropriate amount of eye shadow powder with the thumb. Use left hand for right eye and right hand for left eye, apply the eye shadow on the eye cover. Keep in mind that the direction of your fingertips must be towards the head of the eye and the size of your thumb just fits and covers the entire eye cover.

Index Finger: Create Korean Bite Lip Makeup

Unless you have extremely long nails, the size of the index finger is the best tool to do lip makeup. One of the benefits of using fingers is that your hand temperature can easily blend the cosmetic products. First, apply more lipstick at the centre of the lip. Then, blend the lipstick with your index finger toward the lip line. It will be more natural than the effect by using lip brush.

Middle Finger: Shape Apple Muscle

By using middle finger to apply blush, fingertips will not only make it easier for you to find the position of the cheekbones. When you find something wrong on coloured position, you can simply make changes immediately with your fingertips.

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Ring Finger: Get Rid of Dark Circles

Ring finger is always left to the most delicate eye skin. Point concealer under the eyes and use ring finger to blend. I believe many people have also tried to use the makeup brush around the eyes and accidentally touched the eyes.  Using fingertips can avoid this situation and is safer to cover the location near the eyeliner.

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Little Finger: Do the Last Embellishment

Little finger can give crucial touch on your makeup. Whether add lip gloss in the lip centre, or even apply glitter at the eye corner, the last touch up steps can be handled by little finger easily.

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