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Dry shampoo comes in spray or powder form, dry shampoo can help absorb up oil from your roots, clean hair, and leave it smelling fresh, which makes it an amazing haircare item. With the right technique, dry shampoo is quite easy to use.

Here are some of our favorite dry shampoos.


Volume & Fullness Dry Shampoo Travel Pack 

Take yourself back to the feeling of freshly washed hair with Dove Volume & Fullness Dry Shampoo. Perfect for days when you’re short of time, this weightless formula instantly absorbs oil, conveniently cleaning, reviving and volumizing hair in one.

Created especially for those with flat hair that can be oily, a little limp or weighed down between washes. Massaging a few sprays of this Dove dry shampoo into the roots is all it takes to take your hair from lifeless to bouncy in moments.


Fix Shampoo & Dash Dry Shampoo

Need some refreshment for your hair after commuting? Busy days in between washes? The refreshing dry shampoo cleans and revitalizes day-old hair instantly! It absorbs excess oil from roots and strands, and removes unwanted odor with a light clean scent.



Naturals Fresh & Volume Mixed Berries Dry Shampoo

Today’s busy and on-the-go lifestyle isn’t easy, and this is how to make your hair one less worry.

Instantly refresh your hair in just 1 minute! Inspired by the scent of Mixed Berries, our lightweight formula instantly absorbs oil with just a few quick sprays. Enjoy naturally beautiful hair that’s always fabulously fresh and volumized!


ZCool Dry Shampoo Fruity Pop 

Formulated with nano silver that inhibits the bacteria on the scalp and hair, the dry shampoo keeps the hair clean without the need of rinsing. It eliminates scent of various types of hair to bounce clean and fresh!


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