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Dry hair shampoo is one of the most versatile hair products in existence. Comes in spray or powder form, dry shampoo can help absorb up oil from your roots, clean hair, and leave it smelling fresh, which makes it an amazing haircare item. Here are the tips for how to use dry shampoo.

With the right technique, dry shampoo is quite easy to use. First, it’s important to find the right product for your hair type. Most dry shampoos look like a can of hairspray, but bottles with a funnel shape top can be more specific to where you want to apply the shampoo. For example if you only need it at your roots, you can just target the oily roots there. After that, just finish up by brushing the dry shampoo through your strands. Remember don’t spray dry shampoo all over your head. In most of the cases, the bottom of your hair isn’t greasy, applying oil absorber over it can make your hair stiff.

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Don’t spray too close to your scalp; spritz the dry shampoo about 10 inches away from the roots. Also applying too much of dry shampoo can make your hair look dull and discolored. You can use a little first, then wait for a few minutes, only add more if you feel your hair is still too greasy.

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Using dry shampoo too often can build up residue and eventually clog your follicles, resulting in hair loss. So it is suggested to use dry shampoo only once between hair washes so your scalp has a chance to breathe and stay healthy.

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Dry shampoo usually comes with different colors, so make sure you choosing the right color that matches with your hair. If you have dark brown hair but use a light-tinted dry shampoo, you may end up looking like you dusted chalk all over your roots or you have serious dandruff problem, so pick a color that is close to your hair color.

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