Choose Accessories According To The Shape Of Your Face

Choose Accessories According To The Shape Of Your Face

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Makeup can highlight your contour. Fashion accessory can do it too! Earrings, necklaces, hats, etc. are important accessories which can easily modify your contours. Square face, round face, rectangular face and oval face, which kind of face shape are you belong to? First at all, confirm what face shape you are and you can choose the right accessories to carry out your perfect outline.

Square Face

Square face is characterized by a broad forehead, chin and zygomatic are prominence. Forehead upper and lower jars are square; forehead width and length are almost the same size as the jaw.

People with square faces should use ornaments to make the face become softer and reduce the strong feeling. For earrings, you can choose circle earrings. And for hat, the lines are smooth hat with smooth lines will be your good choice.

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Round Face

The biggest feature of the round face is that it really like a circle, forehead, cheekbones, and mandibular width is basically the same, the whole face rounded and plump, a bit like a baby. So round face is also known as baby face.

Round face people are suitable for wearing long accessories. The long necklace with v-shaped design can make your face look longer. In addition to the necklace, baby face girl is also suitable for wearing exaggerated geometric earrings or amphibole earrings in order to add more lines on face and help you to look more mature.

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Rectangular Face

Rectangular face is characterized by large face. Facial features are also large. From forehead, cheekbones, chin to the mouth are all in straight development. But the width of the face is less than two-thirds of the face length. And chiselled jaw is obvious.

Rectangular face girls should not wear long and thin earrings as they will make your face looks longer. On the contrary, you should choose wide earrings. Large circles and tassel earrings are ideal for girls with long faces. For neckline, you can choose statement necklace which is close to the clavicle to help your face look wider.

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Oval Face

Oval face is also known as pineapple face. It is like an oval from forehead to the chin. Girls with oval face are suitable for wearing any ornaments. And triangular accessories can further delineate the perfect outline. It will be much better together with all-back hairstyle.

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