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Who could have thought that the already hard-working concealer could work even harder? While we may typically use concealer to hide dark circles under our eyes or conceal blemishes, this makeup bag must-have has even more clever tricks up its sleeve. Here are some of them:

Clever Concealer Trick 1: The Eyebrow Tamer

If you’ve left it too long in-between plucking or threading, have no fear, as your concealer is coming to the rescue.

Use the concealer underneath your brows to help to shape your eyebrows. It will conceal fine hairs that have popped up and help your brows look neat and shaped.

No one will ever know that you skipped a plucking session or two!

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Clever Concealer Trick 2: Wrinkles? Where?

This is a trick that Hollywood makeup artists swear by – using concealer along the smile lines and over the cupid’s bow.

A concealer that is a tone lighter than your foundation can be used along the smile lines to make them less visible.

Also, once your lippie is on, pop on a bit of concealer over your cupid’s bow. This will act as a gentle highlight for a more voluptuous yet natural looking lip.

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Clever Concealer Trick 3: Sneaky Highlight

If you are looking for a natural finish to a chiselled look, swap your highlighter for concealer!

It’s a clever way to skip the shimmer that highlighters come with and let your skin glow looking super natural.

Simply use concealer gently where you’d use your highlighter: Above the cheek bones, along your nose and T zone, follow with a touch of blusher and bronzer. Et voila, looking fresh as a daisy, with a bone structure to die for!

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