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Fun and Easy Nail Art Ideas

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Who said winter is not to season to dress up and be giddy and cheerful? It is exactly the harshness of the cold winter that we have to spice up our outfits, makeup and most importantly, nails.

Here are five easy and beautiful nail art ideas that you could do to glam up this New Years’ winter season!


Dainty Tiffany

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This is a simple, three-colored nail art that only requires a thin brush to complete.

Feel free the change up the hue of the blue as your heart desire!

Simply apply a base coat, then the two blue colors, creating a crescent shape. It doesn’t matter if the crescent is not perfect, because you are going to cover it up with an opaque gold color. Use a thin brush, dip it in the gold and trace an outline over the crescent shape.


Elegant Purple0138 pic_2

A fan of class and elegance, then this nail art is for you.

Apply and base coat and two coats of the purple polish for an opaque finish.

Then, we mix some blues, white and pink on a metal plate, which we would then use a nail art stamper (they are very cheap and are usually available in Sephora or nail art stores!), to dip it gently and stamp it on whichever finger your heart desires!

Just clean up the extra nail polish on the skin with a Q tip and nail polish remover!


Refreshing Pastel 0138 pic_3

Tired of the boring winter already? Let’s get ready for spring then!

Apply a pastel pink to the index, pinky and thumb finger, and a pastel blue for the middle and ring finger.

Last step, use some nail art stickers and stick on some daisies and lady bugs for a cute finish!


Winter blues 0138 pic_4

Last but not least, this is for the ones who are still in the winter spirit!

Apply two layers of dark blue for an opaque finish.

Then, use a thin brush and white polish, and go to town!

Paint on some snow, Christmas tree, igloos or just anything winter related, as you’d like.

Finish it off with a matte topcoat!

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