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Many girls only focus on face whitening, but most of them override the care on lips. Girls love putting on lip gloss. However, they do not make a good job on makeup removal and exfoliation. It causes pigmentation in resulted. The original rosy and sexy lip turns into dull and dark lips. Follow the steps here to see how to make your lips pink again.

Lip makeup removal

Girls spend a lot of time on their makeup. However, they are very hasty on makeup removal. Some of them are just using makeup removal water or cotton to remove their quickly in once. However, these products do not completely remove your makeup. If you did not remove your makeup on lips completely, it will be easy to cause pigmentation, lip will become dull. Thus, it is suggested to use eyes & lips makeup removal after removing your foundation to prevent having residual cosmetics.

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Lips mask

Mask may be your inevitable choice for skin care every night, but you may override the maintenance for your lips. It is the time for your skin to recover at night. After sleeping for 8 hours, your lips will become lack of water. You can drink water in the early morning or you can have a lip mask at night before you sleep and it can provide enough nutrients to your lips during the night.

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Exfoliation for lips

Exfoliating the lips can let your lip to have better blood circulation, make your lips look rosy and no longer dull. As your lips are thin and sensitive, make sure you are not using face or body exfoliating products on your lips. Exfoliating your lips regularly can improve the situation of lip peeling and it will be easier for you to have lip makeup in the future.

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Moisturize your lips

Lip balm can nourish your lip preventing chapped lip and cheilogramma.  Compared to lipstick, lip balm looks more transparent and bright. It is good to choose colored lip balm rather than lipstick when you are wearing light makeup.

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