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In the past few years, we have seen all colours of the rainbow surge in popularity, but for 2018, hair colour is turning to be more laid-back and less drastic than you might expect. This year’s hair colour ideas are either dark and sultry or warm and cosy. Whether you’re consistently daring with hair colour or you want to play with highlights for the first time, we have concluded the 2018 hair colour trends here for every salon-goer and home-dyer.


Subtle face-framing highlights

With the hand-painted and foil-free colouring techniques getting more and more popular, highlights have become less chunky in the look and more natural. The lightest face-framing highlights give a flattering look that accentuate face features.



Is your hair start turning gray? Don’t worry and you don’t even need to head to salon to cover it up, because smoky grays and charcoals are in this season. Different celebrities have already been embracing the gray hair trend for years now. Here’s a dying tip for you, the sultry, ashy shade you usually see is not quite black, and it’s not quite silver, but it also has a hint of blue. The balance between blue and grey is the key to master the charcoal hair colour.

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Whether you call it mulled wine, burgundy, eggplant, deep mahogany, or dark maroon, the sultry wine shade is in fashion. The colour is great for those with black hair to try out colour for the first time, as the shade can range from subtle colour to full crimson.

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Pearl Blonde

Not as drastic as the bleach blonde, pearl blonde is the softer side of platinum colour. This dreamy shade has a unique shine that looks like the coveted heirloom pearl necklace in your jewellery box. Pearl dyes look good especially when matched with brown or hazel eyes.

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