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MiseEnScene hair treatment oil

MiseEnScene hair treatment oil product review

For those who concern about damaged hair and styling hair, you have to bookmark this product review into your favorite. Here are reviews of the whole product series of Miseenccene Perfect serum that you will find at least one of them is perfect to repair your damaged hair.

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Perfect Serum Original


Hair condition: Dry and damaged hair

When I first tried the Pecfect Serum, I instantly feel it works on my hair! I used 2 pumps of it for every application. You will find the consistency is a little bit thick, but its texture is completely perfect if your hair is dry. It can keep your hair soft and shiny without feeling greasy.





Perfect Coco Water Serum


Hair condition: Use to protect hair in summer

You may wonder what the difference between original serum and coco water serum is. It claims the water serum can improve damaged hair fresh without stickiness. You can see its texture is just like water and obviously lighter than the original one. I also like its scent which is fresh aqua floral that makes me feel relax. And it is lightweight that won’t weigh your hair down. it is a really good one for summer to protect your hair.



Lighter texture


Perfect Serum Rose Edition


Hair condition: Perfume lover, Dry and damaged hair

Even if you don’t consider the performance of the Rose Edition, you gonna love this edition if you are the rose lover. The smell is as good as the rose perfume that can last all day long. It leaves your hair nice rose scent and smooth without greasy. You can use this every day to see how it works after a few weeks.


Perfect Styling Serum


Hair condition: Use before styling

The idea of Styling serum is to bring styling and hair care together. As we all know that heat styling tools such as hair dryers, flat irons, curling irons and heated rollers will leave your hair damaged and broken. This serum can make your hair smooth and help prevent tangles. You can pump the serum about 1-2 times and apply over your hair before styling. It can help keep your hair safe and doesn’t weigh your hair down.


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