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Ever bought fake lashes, got ’em home and got ’em on, only to look as if you’re half asleep? You know how a favourite hairstyle depends on your face shape? Well, you need to apply the same principle and choose falsies that suit the shape of your eyes…


Almond eyes

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If you have almond-shaped eyes like Queen Bey and RiRi, you can’t see any of the white above or below your iris. This kinda eye shape allows you to get away with almost any lash (you lucky things!). We recommend falsies that have evenly distributed lashes all the way along the band.

Hooded eyes

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If your eyes are hooded, there’s an extra fold of skin that hides the crease and makes your eyes look small. You can open up your eyes by using falsies that are slightly longer in the centre, which gives the illusion of depth. Avoid heavy and dramatic lashes, which will make your eyes look even smaller.

Deep-set eyes

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These are set further back, making the brow bone look prominent. You need to go for extra-length lashes, which curl away from the eye, accentuating and complementing the eye shape.

Monolid eyes

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A monolid means you can’t see the crease below your brow area, so choose fluttery, multi-layered lashes that open up the eye dramatically. Accent lashes also work really well.

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