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Simple Hacks of Using Highlighter

Highlighter Hacks
Highlighter, Highlighter Hacks

Highlighter can give you a smooth and luminous skin. How to utilize the power of highlighter for multi-purpose like a pro? Here are some simple hacks of using highlighter.   

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#1: Mix Liquid Highlighter with Your Foundation

Choose a weightless and sheer liquid highlighter. You can simply add few drops of liquid highlighter in and mix with your liquid foundation. You can blend it seamlessly to create a glowing complexion. Highlighter gives your skin an instant radiance boost without thick and cakey makeup. Remember to control the amount of liquid highlighter. Too much highlighter will make your face look oily.


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#2: Apply Highlighter to Several Key Areas

Highlighter can make your flat face more defined and contoured. Dab some highlighter evenly on your forehead, the tops of cheekbones and eyebrow bones, down the bridge of nose, cupid’s bow and chin by using a beauty sponge or a blending brush to create a smooth and perfect glowing look.

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#3: Make Your Lips Plumper

Moisturise your lips properly before highlighting your lips. Apply a touch of highlighter to right above your cupid's bow and use a highlighter pencil to define the edges of your lips. It will make your top lip more defined. Then, pair with a matte lipstick or a lip gloss to make your lips pop. Finally, use your finger to dab a tiniest amount of highlighter softly to the centre of your bottom lip. Your fuller and kissable lips are created!

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#4: Conceal Your Under Eyes

Highlighter can also banish puffy eyes and dark circles under eyes. After the application of foundation, apply highlighter slightly to under eyes from the inner corners to the outer corners by using your finger. Then, put a bit of concealer to make the skin tone more even.