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Don’t worry, nobody has to go hungry! Great tips and tricks truly make us look slimmer, for instance with the right clothing. Or with the right hairdo. We reveal hairstyles that are great for making a few pounds disappear, and also tell you about looks you had better stay away from if you want to make a good impression.

Okay, so scissors, a brush and hairstyling techniques cannot make excess pounds disappear – but they can hide them. The dieting secret: Style yourself slim! The right haircut can actually make round faces appear visually narrower. Small flaws such as a double chin can even be skillfully concealed with the hairstyle. The best thing about it: A face slimming effect affects the entire silhouette. Manes longer than shoulder length stretch out the face, clear contours in the right place offset curves, a skillfully styled fringe and parting can by visually slimming. Here are the hairdos that flatter your figure.

Slimming hairdos: Half bun

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Now we know why models, stars and starlets love the half bun so much: It is not only mega-modern but also a great trickster! Half-up hair tied into a chignon (at the back of the head, or also on the crown if you are brave) is perfect for visually concealing a few pounds. The knot is positioned to lengthen the facial shape while loose hair at the back of the neck and sides reinforces the slimming effect. Style this look loosely and casually to enjoy a model’s measurements!

Slimming hairdos: Swag fringe

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Speaking of a model’s measurements – catwalk darling these days also swears by a slimming look: the swag! This popular, slightly wavy haircut layered starting at ear height lends movement to your hair while visually lengthening the face and concealing curves. The fringe styled diagonally across the forehead to the cheek further emphasizes this effect.

Slimming hairdos: High ponytail

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Super sweet and beneficial:  The very high ponytail at the back of the head makes the head and neck appear longer. Combined with a slightly teased and undone hairline and lengths that loosen up the look, a slimming effect is guaranteed. On the other hand, severely styled hair at the crown is less suited for slimming with a high ponytail.

Slimming hairdos: Discreet beehive

Teased hair is a top tip to appear taller and therefore slimmer. A centre parting to visually lengthen the face perfects the slim look. Wear the beehive with a centre parting to the ponytail and tie the ponytail low at the back of the neck, creating not quite so abundant volume at the crown. It shows how the “thin cheat” works best.

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Slimming hairdos: Wavy bob

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Slim styling can be that easy: A loosely styled wavy bob not only makes you lose a lot of hair but also helps you look a few pounds lighter! Soft waves flatter the facial contours in exactly the right places, concealing fuller cheeks and a double chin. Hair cut a bit shorter at the front stretches out the face by presenting the eyes and cheekbones to best advantage!

Slimming hairdos: Dos and don’ts

Here is a quick overview of the hairdos you can choose and the ones you should avoid if you want to look slimmer:

Do: Layered cut, streaks, soft waves, rounded bangs, diagonal fringe, bob, high ponytail, high chignon, beehive, French twist, half-up hair, mid-length to somewhat longer than shoulder length hair.

Don’t: Long, straight hair, retro waves, sleek ponytail, straight fringe, short fringe, short haircut.

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